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This article involves the caravan of sublight-speed civilian ships in the Original Series. For information on its faster-than-light capable counterpart in the Re-imagined Series, see The Fleet (RDM). For general information on the military of the Twelve Colonies in both series, see Colonial Fleet.

A shot of the "rag-tag fugitive fleet".

After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies in a devastating genocidal attack on the Colonial worlds, Commander Adama orders all survivors to find what operational ships that remain on their shattered worlds and fly them towards battlestar Galactica, the sole surviving battlestar after her sister warships are also destroyed in the two-prong Cylon attack. With nowhere else to call home, Adama decrees that the remnants of humanity will search for the Thirteenth Tribe on a planet called Earth.

Under the guardianship of Galactica, the Fleet comprises of 220 civilian ships. With the exception of Galactica, the ships are not capable of lightspeed flight. The Fleet's overall speed is limited to that of the slowest ship within the group. As all ships in the Fleet were filled to (or over) capacity, removing the slower ships from the caravan is not a option.

Known Ships


Name Ship type / function Last Seen Notes
Agro Ship 9 Agro Ship / food supplier, civilian War of the Gods, Part II Last surviving agro ship after an extremely successful Cylon attack against both her and her sister ships.
Template:Inlineref Freighter, civilian Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II A dejected Apollo tells an equally-dejected Starbuck that he found a little place on board the freighter that "with a little paint, and some nice curtains, it's so cozy".
Template:Inlineref Unknown, civilian The Man with Nine Lives Ship on the route taken by the transport shuttle Canaris. From the name, this is likely the ship from whence Bora, Maga, and Taba came, and is presumably run by Borellian Nomen (given their disdain for other Colonials).
Celestra Electronics ship, civilian Take the Celestra Formerly commanded by Commander Kronus. This is the "command ship" for a small group of ships Adama assigns him to command.
Template:Inlineref Inter-Fleet Broadcasting ship, civilian The Man with Nine Lives Conning his way out of paying for passage to Rising Star, Chameleon—claiming to be IFB's president—tells the ducket taker on the shuttle Canaris to head over to this ship so that he may be interviewed.
Template:Inlineref Civilian ship Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II According to Colonel Tigh, this ship almost goes astray when in the magnetic void en route to Kobol.
Galactica Colonial battlestar, military escort The Hand of God Last known surviving battlestar, roughly 500 yahren old.
Gemini Gemonese freighter, civilian War of the Gods, Part I Freighter with indigent and disaffected refugees; the "Borays of humanity" reside here.
Template:Inlineref Agricultural ship, civilian The Man with Nine Lives Commanded by Captain Dmitri, this ship is presumably a source for meat and other poultry. Chameleon posed as Dimitri in order to con some Borellian Nomen (Bora, Maga and Taba) into buying parts to build a ship of an unknown type.
Template:Inlineref Orphan care, civilian Baltar's Escape The purpose of the Orphan Ship appears to be oriented towards the care and processing of children orphaned during the fall of the Colonies.

Chameleon claims to be a geneticist from the Orphan Ship and claims that the list for genetic testing is "yahren long" (The Man with Nine Lives).

Colonel Tigh later comments to Siress Tinia that Council Security would be unable to stop an escape from the Orphan Ship (Baltar's Escape).

Template:Inlineref Unknown, civilian The Man with Nine Lives One of the ships on the route taken by the transport shuttle Canaris.
Prison Barge Prison ship, civilian Baltar's Escape Operated by members of Council Security.
Rising Star Luxury liner and chancery, civilian The Man With Nine Lives Formerly operated by Trans Stellar Spacelines. Used to evacuate children and their caretakers off Caprica during the Cylon attack.
Sanitation Ship Sanitation ship, civilian The Long Patrol Starbuck complained about being able to see a sanitation ship out the porthole of the dining chamber of the Rising Star as an excuse to book an additional chamber to keep Athena and Cassiopeia from accidentally meeting, as he engaged in a dinner-date with both at the same time.
Template:Inlineref Elderly caretaker ship, civilian The Man with Nine Lives Siress Blassie bombarded Galactica with messages asking about the whereabouts of Chameleon from this ship. Adama later remands Chameleon to this ship as Blassie has offered to take custody of the apparent vagrant.
Template:Inlineref Refuse ship, civilian[1] Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II Mentioned by Apollo while engaging in mock stereotypical feminine conversation with Starbuck; Apollo claims that he procured valcron from this ship.
Template:Inlineref Unknown, civilian The Man with Nine Lives One of the ships on the route taken by the transport shuttle Canaris.



Other ships

Galactica 1980


The Fleet is also comprised of shuttles and Colonial Vipers, which are likely not indicated in the "220 ship" figure given in "Saga of a Star World". It is indicated that there are non-military shuttles that ferry people and, possibly, supplies throughout the Fleet. One such craft is the shuttle Canaris (TOS: "The Man with Nine Lives"), in addition to the shuttle piloted by Aurora of the Celestra (TOS: "Take the Celestra").

In addition to their ship compliment, the Colonials have at least one Cylon Raider in their possession, as a result of their victory at Galaxy's Edge (TOS: "The Hand of God").

Fleet identification chart. Note that a Cylon mine and an Eastern Alliance warship can be seen in the far distance in a number of late TOS episodes, e.g. "Take the Celestra"...


  1. A tip barge may be a place for depositing rubbish, if the word "tip" is used in the British manner.

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