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For information on the Re-imagined Series ship, see Gemini (RDM).

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The Gemini appears in the Original Series as the ship where Cassiopeia is rescued in. Refugees are primarily from Gemoni and are living in the ship's freight containers. The freighter is one of several ships suspected of having a solium leak, which led to the discovery of Cassiopeia and the fact that Sire Uri was greedily hoarding supplies onboard the Rising Star. It would later travel to Carillon and remain in orbit over the planet until Carillon's destruction (Saga of a Star World).

Adama is forced to pay a visit to the Gemini in order to attempt to woo Siress Belloby in exchange for an energizer she owns that he hopes to trade for agro supplies (The Magnificent Warriors).

Count Iblis plays the part of demagogue aboard the Gemini, promising food to the hungry masses in exchange for their support. After securing their allegiance word comes in that the Agro Ship was seeing a miraculous crop appear (War of the Gods, Part I).

Galactica 1980

The freighter Gemini survives the journey to Earth. As news spread of their discover, Dillon walks through the ship, greeting survivors and telling them "we've made it" en route to Troy's quarters.[1]

Apparently, Troy lives aboard this ship, as he is packing his personal effects, including a picture of him with his parents, Serina and Apollo.



  1. In the opening scenes where Adama does a voiceover telling them of children born in deep space and how Doctor Zee is a "cerebral mutation", Dillon is seen walking through the makeshift habitations from storage crates in the set previously used to depict the Gemini in "Saga of a Star World" and "War of the Gods, Part I" of the Original Series.

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