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Introduced Saga of a Star World
Marital Status Presumed widower of Siress Uri
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Role Former member of the Quorum of Twelve
Rank Sire
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Portrayed by Ray Milland
Uri is a Cylon
Uri is a Final Five Cylon
Uri is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Uri in the separate continuity

Once an honorable member of the Quorum prior to its obliteration by the Cylons, Sire Uri degraded into moral indecency, becoming a vestige of the man he once was.

Adama thought highly of the man, as he was a thoughtful and moral spirit during his early days. However, power and fame have corrupted his moral and ethical standings, as well as physical appearance.

Apollo and Boomer happen upon Sire Uri upon the starliner Rising Star, where he and a party of guests are gorging on deposits of horded food untouched by the pluton poisoning affecting most of the other ships of the Fleet. When Apollo queries the Quorum member of the whereabouts of his wife (Siress Uri), he replied with somewhat shrouded mirth that she had not been able to make the voyage, as he continued his appreciation of his younger and decidedly aesthetically pleasing female companions.

While Apollo and Boomer manage to distribute Uri's food (appropriated with no willing assistance from Uri) throughout the famished survivors within The Fleet, Uri rallies members of the Quorum of the Twelve in an attempt to undermine Adama's authority. Uri goes so far as to support a dangerous plan to take out the Cylon mine field by Apollo, Adama's own son, to spite Adama.

After the Fleet crosses Cylon-laid minefield to Carillon, Uri decides to push his own plan forward. He believes if the remaining Colonial's ability to wage war is inhibited, then the Cylons would no longer see humanity as a threat. In order to carry out his plan, he awards the three pilots that lead the Fleet to safety—Captain Apollo and Lieutenants Boomer and Starbuck—with the Quorum's highest award. During this ceremony, Uri planned to announce his plan to the Fleet's citizens, who were sure to agree since they had enjoyed the luxuries that were bestowed upon them by the Ovions.

However, Cylon intervention proves Uri's plan would never work. Apollo and Starbuck storm into the main hall with the Cylons (in collusion with the carnivorous Ovions) nipping at their heels. Uri's protests are instantly quieted as his life becomes endangered (Saga of a Star World).


  • The whereabouts of Sire Uri after "Saga of a Star World" remain unaccounted for in the Battlestar canon. It is likely that Uri either never made it back to the Fleet, or that he kept a decidedly low profile due to his actions, as these possibilities would account for his absence in future episodes that featured all 12 members of the Quorum.
  • In the Marvel comic book version of the episode, Uri associates with a woman of questionable virtue named Medea.
  • Although never featured in the series after "Saga of a Star World", Uri does show up frequently in both the Marvel Comics and the Berkley books.
  • According to the novelization, "Saga of a Star World," Uri home colony was Leo.