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Colonial Movers
Colonial Movers
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
FTL: Yes
Crew: Unknown
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Role: Container ship/Freighter
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Fate: Destroyed; Flown into a sun (Daybreak, Part II)
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Colonial Movers is a company that operates four container ships that survived the Cylon attack (Miniseries).

One of the Colonial Movers ships is used as a decoy during the attack on a Cylon mining outpost. Although appearing to be a helpless mining ship, it is in fact carrying Captain Lee Adama's strike force of Vipers hidden in one of its cargo containers (The Hand of God).

At least one of the Colonial Movers jumps with the Laura Roslin faction to Kobol when the Fleet splits in two (The Farm).

One of the Colonial Movers ships is destroyed by the nuclear explosion on Cloud 9 (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II). At least two of them landed on New Caprica (Precipice) and would later escape back to the Fleet (Exodus, Part II) while another remained with the Galactica in orbit.

The remaining Colonial Movers ships remain in the Fleet until they lose power in the Ionian nebula (Crossroads, Part II). The ships would survive the Battle of the Ionian Nebula and would arrive at Earth ("He That Believeth In Me", "Revelations"). When the fleet arrived at their new home, the remaining Colonial Movers were guided by Anders into the sun. (Daybreak, Part II)


  • The Colonial Movers name and slogan (We Move Anywhere) are visible on the ship model.
  • At least two Colonial Movers ships appear in the Original Series as well, with a similar design and the same slogan. They can be seen prominently during "Saga of a Star World", when the ships are first escaping the Colonies. They do not figure prominently in any TOS story line, however.
  • Plastic model enthusiasts may recognize the front of the ship as an element of the heat shield of the second stage engines of a Saturn V moon rocket model.

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