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For the company on Caprica with the same name, see: Gideon Enterprises.

Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian industrial
FTL: Yes
Capacity: ~100+
CO: Captain Elias Meeker
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Role: Heavy hauler transport
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Fate: Scuttled, circa YR04 (presumed)
Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Gideon is a heavy hauler transport vessel within the Fleet, captained by Elias Meeker (TRS: "The Son Also Rises").

Circa Day 53, it is the site of an internal struggle following the forced removal of President Laura Roslin by Commander William Adama. The crew refuses to resupply Galactica in protest, and is boarded by a marine team as a result, taking the needed supplies by whatever means necessary. The situation degrades, and as the crowd becomes more harassing, the marines open fire, killing four civilians. The incident, named the "Gideon Massacre" by reporter D'Anna Biers, would have severe repercussions on the fleet in the coming days, as the civilians fight to have Roslin reinstated (TRS: "Resistance").

The commanding officer of Gideon would later be selected as a juror in the trial of Dr. Gaius Baltar after he is jailed after rejoining the fleet following the escape from New Caprica (TRS: "The Son Also Rises"). Following the trial, it loses power after jumping to the Ionian Nebula, where it survives a Cylon attack against the struck fleet (TRS: "He That Believeth In Me"). It is presumed that Meeker joins the newly formed Quorum of Ships' Captains, following the assassinations of the previous delegates during Gaeta's Mutiny (TRS: "Blood on the Scales").


  • "Gideon" is the name of one of the biblical characters in the Book of Judges.
  • It is unknown whether or not Meeker was in command during the "Gideon Massacre".

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