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Viper Mk. III
Viper Mk. III
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
Propulsion: * 3x sublight boosters
* RCS thrusters
Crew: 1x pilot
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Role: Space superiority fighter
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Armaments: * 2x 30mm Cannons
* Missile hardpoints
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Fate: Retired from military service
Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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The Viper Mark III is a fighter craft used by the Colonial Fleet in the latter part of the Cylon War. It is the successor of the Viper Mark II and a precursor to fighters used by the Fleet following the war, including the Viper Mark VII ("Blood & Chrome").


The Mark III retains the same shape and layout as the Mark II, however is slightly larger than the predecessor.[1] It featured a drab grey paint scheme with red accents along the wings and nose, and identification numbers printed along the front side and along the vertical stabilizer.[2]

The Viper Mark III features:

  • an angular forward fuselage cross section
  • a revised cockpit canopy featuring rounder edges
  • more angular side intakes with intake ramps
  • narrower thrust nozzles
  • deletion of structures housing the rear undercarriage and reduction of the ventral fairing; all three landing struts retract directly into the main fuselage
  • two internal missile launchers on the underside
  • control surfaces for maneuverability in atmosphere


  • The Viper Mark III's control stick appears to be a Logitech Wingman.
  • The Mark III is similar to an early design for the Mark II Viper made during pre-production of the 2003 Miniseries, which was simplified into the final version to ease the construction of the full-size prop.[3]



  1. The exact size is never stated in canon, however, modeler Pierre Drolet lists 10.6 meters long, 6.77 meters wide, and 3.85 meters tall (presumed to include landing gear). These sizes would be too large to fit in series established launch tubes without the tubes themselves being larger as well. The launch tubes are not directly seen in the production, but considering the enlarged hangar bay, it is quite possible that they were, creating yet another series continuity error.
  2. In yet another production error, each Viper was a clone of a single model, featuring the same squad and tail numbers - 407, and SF/10 579011, respectively.
  3. Based on production stills and research from Galactiguise Source 1 Source 2

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