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Introduced The Man with Nine Lives
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Portrayed by Robert Feero
Bora is a Cylon
Bora is a Final Five Cylon
Bora is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Bora is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Bora in the separate continuity

Bora is a Borellian Nomen who is a member of the Fleet. He travels with Maga and Taba on a blood hunt for "Captain Dmitri", an alias for Chameleon. Bora, who is Taba's elder, bears the responsibility for the actions of the brash Taba. However, he cannot save Taba's extradited banishment of him to the "weak" Colonial warriors by his leader, Maga (The Man With Nine Lives).

Bora and Maga pose as recruits to track down "Dmitri", eventually making way to the launch bay. After a brief melee with Starbuck they are nearly killed by Chameleon as he fires the Viper's lasers into the launch tube. Bora is sent to the Prison Barge along with Maga, where Taba apparently already resides (The Man With Nine Lives). Bora eventually escapes from the Barge to Galactica, and from there to the Eastern Alliance destroyer commanded by Leiter. Whereabouts unknown (Baltar's Escape).