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Introduced Baltar's Escape
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Siress Tinia is a member of the Quorum and assigned to Adama for the short-term as a Quorum representative to Galactica.

In her capacity as the Quorum's advisor to Galactica, Tinia had the power to overrule Adama on any command decision concerning The Fleet and any variety of encounters.

Unlike her peers, Tinia is an intelligent and optimistic woman, but has the tendency to brush people (like Colonel Tigh) the wrong way.

When Colonel Tigh was notified about the communications blackout on the Prison Barge and about the inbound shuttle, Tigh finds a way around her threat of not taking his "fresh air" anywhere near the docking bay. He does so by using the air of curiosity to get Starbuck and Apollo to walk to the landing bay. The warrior's presence, as a result, thwarts Baltar and the three Borellian Nomen from assaulting Core Command.

When Baltar, the trio of Borellian Nomen, and Leiter's Alliance officers assume control over the landing bay, capturing the Quorum in the process, Tinia agrees to military action. When Adama vies for another centar of time, giving Doctor Wilker time to finish repairing the Centurion pilots for Baltar's ship, she bravely accompanies him. While the Alliance ship and the Nomen escape, the situation ends with the safe return of the prisoners.

After the incident, Adama is given command of the entire Fleet, and Tinia is relieved of her position as Quorum advisor to Adama. During their time together, it became apparent that Tinia evidently fancied Adama, making Tigh want to order grog (Baltar's Escape).