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Athena from the cover of Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon.

This article covers the various depictions of Athena from the tie-in novelizations, comic books, and other media.

While given short thrift in the TOS, Athena has fared better in various continuities from comics to novelizations to fan fiction. Many of these have her continuing to battle Cassiopeia over Starbuck, but in virtually all of them Cassiopeia ultimately wins in the end.

Various Continuities

Berkley Novelizations

  • In the casino, when Cassiopeia storms away from Starbuck, Athena angrily hands him the room key and leaves as well. Later, Athena regrets not having stayed with Starbuck. She believes she could have made him forget about Cassiopeia.
  • In one of the subsequent books, it is said that Athena realizes that her brother Apollo is her father's favorite, and she is okay with it. She also accepts her role on the bridge partly because it's enough of a burden for her father to have to deal with Apollo's life being constantly in danger.
  • Occasionaly, Athena does leave the bridge and fly a viper. In The Nightmare Machine, Adama lets her join a squadron to help fight off the Cylons.
Athena from the Maximum Press comic book series.

Marvel Comics

  • Athena is featured in a story in issue #21. While in combat with Cylon Raiders, Athena's Viper vanishes. She is magically transported to a strange world inhabited by a humanoid named Res. In reality, Res is a shapeshifter in search of love. Apollo and Starbuck arrive to rescue Athena. Res reveals that he also brought Athena to the planet to help him transcend his mortal form. Athena fires a laser at Res at his request, and Res ascends to the next plane — his voice resonates from the grave as the Colonials leave and the planet explodes, assuring her that what Athena did was right. It should be noted that the Cylons they encountered were part of the illusion as well.

Maximum Press comics

  • 20 yahrens after the events of the original series, Athena is now a colonel and has moved on from Starbuck, despite the fact that Cassiopeia died yahrens earlier.
  • In The Enemy Within series, a Cylon humanoid named Ares joins the Colonial fleet with the intention of saboutage. Before doing so, he romances Athena and actually sleeps with her.

Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon

  • 18 yahrens after the events of the original series, Athena temporarily takes command of the Galactica but is happy for Apollo when he is ultimately named commander.

Clean Slate Press

  • In the fan fiction series of novels known as the Pegasus Chronicles, Starbuck and Athena are inadvertantly thrown together due to a strange alien that infiltrates the Galactica in Second Coming. In the next novel, Joint Maneuvers, their relationship moves to another level, but Athena has serious doubts that they are meant to be together.
  • In a short story called Too Close For Comfort from Galactica #21, Athena tells Starbuck that she realizes they aren't meant for each other. Starbuck, having long ago come to this conclusion, is happy that she is finally willing to move on. The story ends with Athena introducing herself to Bojay.
  • In The Race For Earth, which occurs five yahrens after the events of the original series, Athena is married to a man named Kaleb, a technician who Apollo had introduced her to. They both have two children.
  • In the V crossover novel Survive the Alliance, Athena is captured by the Visitors and impregnated by one of the Visitor aliens in an attempt to create a baby that is half human and half alien. After being rescued, she ultmately decides to have the baby.

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