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Baltar is seated in the "captain's chair" in a variant of the command chamber.
For the chamber where the Imperious Leader and Baltar sat majestically in the beginning of the Original Series, see: Throne room. For the Re-imagined Series counterpart on their basestars, see Basestar command.

The command chamber is a basestar's command and control center, or bridge.

The command center is the analogue to a battlestar's Core Command (The Hand of God), of which two variants exist.

One variant contains two consoles manned by seated Centurions and contains a throne chair, similar in design to the one in the Imperious Leader's throne room. Notably, a spotlight in front of the chair lights up to illuminate the subject's face upon being seated (The Young Lords).

Both variants contain a single hallway, which is lined with computers ("The Young Lords", "The Hand of God").

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