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Nelson Page
Nelson Page


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Birth Name Nelson Page
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Introduced Sacrifice
Death Shot by Marines (Sacrifice)
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Role Colonial citizen, terrorist
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Portrayed by David Neale
Nelson Page is a Cylon
Nelson Page is a Final Five Cylon
Nelson Page is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Nelson Page in the separate continuity
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Nelson Page is a civilian member of the Fleet.

He takes part in the quartet led by Sesha Abinell that takes hostages aboard Cloud 9, hoping to get Sharon Agathon neé Valerii in exchange, so that Abinell may execute her personally.

Page is briefly taken hostage when Captain Lee Adama takes him by surprise, after Page's failed searching of the lounge's bathroom for additional hostages. He is set free minutes later when Lee Adama gives himself up, rather than have Anastasia Dualla killed.

He is killed during the Marine's first assault led by Captain Kara Thrace, which results in the deaths of two Marines (Sacrifice).


  • Page's first name, Nelson, is from the script.