Sesha Abinell

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Sesha Abinell
Sesha Abinell


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Introduced Sacrifice
Death Shot by Marines (Sacrifice)
Marital Status Widow of Ray Abinell
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Role Colonial citizen, terrorist
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Portrayed by Dana Delany
Sesha Abinell is a Cylon
Sesha Abinell is a Final Five Cylon
Sesha Abinell is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Sesha Abinell in the separate continuity
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Sesha Abinell is a terrorist living on the freighter Greenleaf who, with the help of fellow conspirators, holds patrons hostage in a lounge aboard Cloud 9.

A portrait of Ray and Sesha Abinell in better times.

Abinell had been widowed approximately 10 weeks earlier as a result of a Cylon attack on the Greenleaf.

In the time since the attack, she composes a manifesto consisting mainly of conspiracy theories regarding Cylon infiltration of the Colonial Fleet, leading to the destruction of the Twelve Colonies. The manifesto is released to Fleet news after she and three men take control of a lounge aboard Cloud 9.

Convinced that the Cylons are still manipulating the military, Abinell demands that Admiral William Adama hand over the copy of Sharon Valerii incarcerated aboard Galactica. Abinell threatens to start killing hostages if Adama does not comply.

To defuse the situation, Adama promises to give Abinell the body of Valerii in exchange for the safety of the hostages. Abinell reluctantly agrees to the terms. The corpse that Adama provides, however, is that of Sharon Valerii, the dead copy of Valerii shot by Cally Henderson months before.

When Adama's deception is discovered, Abinell and her gunmen open fire, fatally wounding Billy Keikeya. Abinell herself is slain by Colonial Marines (Sacrifice).