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For the article on the athletic sport known as "Pyramid" in the Re-imagined Series, see Pyramid (RDM).

A high-stakes game of Pyramid (The Lost Warrior).

Pyramid is a high-risk chancery game played with hexagonal cards; a Colonial version of poker. Starbuck is about to win a large pot when an alert interrupts the game (Saga of a Star World). Starbuck and Boomer play Pyramid with Boxey in the barracks (with jellybeans as the stakes instead of cubits) to help keep him occupied when Apollo fails to report back from a patrol. Boxey wins a large pot by having a "full pyramid" (The Lost Warrior).


In order of superiority:


  • In the Re-imagined Series, the use of this name is reserved for a basketball/rugby style game. A similar card game in the new series is known as Triad.
  • While fandom has made rules and cards related to the Pyramid card game, these are non-canonical to the Original Series.
  • In the episode The Man With Nine Lives, the game is depicted in a Blackjack-like variant. In this variant, a player can ask the dealer to "build me" (hit) or decide to "hover" (stand).

See Also

  • Triad (TOS), a ball game in the Original Series
  • Pyramid (RDM), a ball game with the same name in the Re-imagined Series
  • Triad (RDM), the corresponding card game in the Re-imagined Series

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