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Ron says in an exaggerated cowboy accent, "I've got an I-dear!". David smacks him in the face, and it falls off, revealing that he is a robot, in an homage to the film Westworld.

Valley of Darkness

David gets an idea, not noticing Cylon Centurions appearing outside the window. Ron runs away, and David is riddled with bullets by the Centurions. This is a take-off from the plot of "Valley of Darkness".


This skit is re-used from a previous episode.


Ron says, "This is hot". David says, "So is this", whips out a drying iron, and melts Ron's face with it.

The Farm

This skit is re-used from "Litmus."

Home, Part I

David says "Jot this down." Ron says "OK" and proceeds to use his pen to violently carve the word "THIS" into David's forehead.

Home, Part II

This skit is re-used from "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down."

Final Cut

David suggests an idea, but is interupted by the telephone ringing, and Ron answers it. Annoyed, David jams the telephone into Ron's head, then shouts in the mouthpiece, greatly amplified, "Can you hear me now?" as Ron screams from the den.

Flight of the Phoenix

David gets an idea and saying that this will make his jaw drop. Ron punches David in the jaw, making his head swivel around in a circle on his neck, and David's jaw drops off.


Ron says, "Here's a good one..." David pushes a football into the hands of Ron, who is quickly tackled (and decapitated by its force) by a football player. The audio of a whistle accompanies the R & D TV logo.

Resurrection Ship, Part I

David goes for an idea, but Ron interrupts with a R&D TV weather bulletin, complete with a national map which covers the entire office: "This just in...Lightning." David is cleaved by the lightning strike.

Resurrection Ship, Part II

As Ron says, "I need your verdict on this one. What if...?" David quickly transforms into a British Lord, complete with robe, wig, and a very, very large gavel, and pummels Ron in one shot into a barely recognizable goo. David replies: "I hate it!"


Ron states, "I think..." just as David pinches Ron's butt. "Cut it out!" Ron cries. When David tries again, Ron reveals a sword and removes David's offending arm. "Testy," David answers.

Black Market

Ron suggests "Monsters!" when David himself explodes into a multi-tentacled monster (which looks surprisingly like a creature from John Carpenter's The Thing), which attacks Ron furiously.


David suggests a "Valentine's Day episode." Ron disagrees at David's suggestion, instead, heaves a jack-o-lantern over David's head and eats a candy bar in celebration.


This skit is re-used from "Pegasus (episode)."

The Captain's Hand

This skit is re-used from "Home, Part I."


Ron says "I know," but David interrupts, asking "Hungry?" as he hands Ron an apple. Ron lifts the apple to his mouth and David pulls out a bow and shoots the apple and Ron's face in one smooth motion.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

David suggests, "New scenery." Ron snaps his fingers to change the office into a surreal mountainous area as he escapes out of the picture. David enjoys the change for only a moment into a prehistoric raptor pounces on him like a cat on a ball of string.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

Ron starts his summary of the season, but can't finish his thought as he is swallowed by a very large viper David has summoned through a flute. Seeing Ron being eaten, David says, "Payback!", referring to his Raptor attack at the conclusion of the previous episode.