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Home, Part II
"Home, Part II"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 2, Episode 7 (discuss)
Writer(s) Ronald D. Moore
David Eick
Story by
Director Jeff Woolnough
Assistant Director
Special guest(s) Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek
James Remar as Meier
Production No. 207
Nielsen Rating 2.1
US airdate USA 2005-08-26
CAN airdate CAN 2006-02-25
UK airdate UK 2006-02-21
DVD release 20 December 2005 US
28 August 2006 UK
Population 47,855 survivors (Symbol Down Arrow.svg -3)
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Commander Adama leads a mission to Kobol to find President Roslin and her team of tomb-hunters, reconcile with his son, and reunite the divided fleet.


  • Laura Roslin's scouting team makes its way through rain and cold towards the Gates of Hera and the Tomb of Athena. With the death of Elosha, Roslin now has to interpret what information they have of the Sacred Scrolls by herself or using the help of the second copy of Sharon Valerii.
  • Meanwhile, on Galactica, Commander Adama and others on the command staff pore over their topography data of Kobol to determine Roslin's whereabouts. Adama plans a Raptor expedition to Kobol, travelling himself to "reach out" to Roslin there and work to mend fences.
  • Meier and Tom Zarek continue to seek an opportunity to eliminate Lee Adama to gain a political advantage with Roslin and the Fleet. Zarek warns Meier that any action against Captain Adama must not occur before the team finds the Tomb.
  • Gaius Baltar begins to strongly deny the existence of his virtual Number Six. Six turns the tables by reappearing in a more casually dressed manner and claiming that Baltar is, indeed, crazy. Six claims that Baltar doesn't really have a "chip" in his head implanted by the Cylons, and that she is actually part of his own subconscious "frakking with (his) mind." She challenges him to visit sickbay for a brain scan to convince him of her "revelation."
  • Adama brings along Galen Tyrol and Billy Keikeya aboard Racetrack's Raptor to accompany him on his expedition. Adama feels Billy's presence will help his mission with Roslin. He relates that Roslin feels that Keikeya will become president himself one day.
  • Helo's Valerii is happy to be "back in the Fleet", although she herself was never physically there; she is sharing her memories of her dead Galactica counterpart.
  • Kara Thrace relates information on the Caprica Resistance to Roslin, but Roslin states that her current thoughts are focused only on the location of the Tomb, cutting off Thrace's first attempt to fulfill her promise to Samuel Anders.
  • Meier begins to solicit Sharon Valerii's help as a pawn to kill Lee Adama so as not to leave suspicion on himself or Zarek. He twists the story of the fate of her Galactica counterpart to upset her.
  • A brain scan performed by Dr. Cottle confirms for the agitated Baltar that there are no mechanical devices or abnormalities in his head. Cottle writes off Baltar as another hypochondriac.
  • Commander Adama's team finds Roslin's camp. The commander, his son and Thrace exchange warm hugs, and Commander Adama gives a sincere welcome to Roslin. Roslin is particularly happy to see Keikeya.
  • The mood of the reunion sours when Commander Adama sees the second Valerii. Upset, he attacks her and throws her to the ground, but stops his assault when the pressures of his recovery form anxiety that causes him chest pain. Valerii says, "And you ask 'why?'" (mysteriously answering Adama's question, "Why?" said over her Galactica counterpart's dead body).
  • Roslin and Commander Adama bury the hatchet in their first heart-to-heart conversation about themselves and the Fleet. When Roslin brings up the Caprican resistance and whether abandoning the Colonies was the best idea, Commander Adama cuts her off, stating that Roslin saved his life, and that of his son. If he did not take her advice, they would all be dead.
  • With Commander Adama in the group, Tom Zarek tells Meier to abandon their plans on Lee Adama, but Meier secretly continues the plan, giving Sharon Valerii one of his civilian sidearms to shoot Lee Adama while he and another Zarek team member work to shoot Commander Adama.
  • Valerii relates her feelings to Helo on how the Fleet sees her and other Humanoid Cylons: as machines, not people, with no rights. Realizing what Meier is trying to do (but not relaying the story to Helo), she tells Helo to trust her in what must be done next.
Meier begins his plan...
  • The team finds the Tomb of Athena. Immediately, Valerii raises her gun towards Commander Adama as Meier raises his gun to Lee Adama's head. But Valerii is feinting: She shoots Meier instead while Lee Adama kills another Meier conspirator that raised his gun at him. Valerii states to Commander Adama that, unlike "Boomer", she is aware of who and what she is, and that she makes own decisions on her destiny. She surrenders her gun to Commander Adama as her first of many overtures of good faith.
  • The Arrow of Apollo is not a key to the door of the Tomb; the expedition pushes the door open. Commander Adama leaves Zarek, Valerii, and Helo guarded by Tyrol outside while Roslin, the Adamas, Keikeya and Thrace enter the Tomb. Inside, they find sarcophagi, each bearing statues that represent the tribal symbols. One statue, Sagittaron, is missing his arrow.
  • When the Arrow is placed on the Sagittaron statue, a hologram of sorts activates around the team, placing them on a grassy field surrounded by stone pillars with glowing representations of the ancient tribal symbols that would later form the symbols of the Colonies. They soon deduce that they are standing on a representation of Earth in a planetarium of sorts that shows the Zodiac: the constellations form a representation of what the Thirteenth Tribe would see from the vantage of Earth's sky.
  • Lee Adama finds what they came for in the virtual sky above: The Lagoon Nebula, a celestial point known to the Colonials as well, which now provides the Fleet both a destination and a direction to Earth, although Commmander Adama warns that the Nebula is very far away.
  • Back on Galactica, Adama completes his reunification of the Fleet and fence-mending by leading a rousing ovation for the reinstated President Roslin at an assembly in the starboard hangar deck, complete with cheers from the crowd.
  • Sharon Valerii is placed in the special brig designed for her counterpart. Helo visits her while Gaius Baltar watches with his virtual Number Six, who now returns in her usual form. She claims now that she is an "angel of God" with a mission to guide and protect Baltar "until the end of the human race."


  • The population is 47,855, a loss of three since Part I. Two of these were seen on-screen in the last episode (Elosha and a Laura Roslin faction Redshirt). The other may have happened offscreen in the same ambush.
    • At episode's end, the count is 47,853, with the death of Meier and one of Tom Zarek's lackeys.
  • Helo still loves Caprica-Sharon, although he knows that she is a Cylon.
  • Caprica-Valerii's hybrid child is a girl. She claims to just "know" this.
  • The child that Six claims she and Baltar will have (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II) is actually Caprica-Valerii's and Helo's biological daughter.
  • Caprica-Valerii does not "remember" shooting Commander Adama, and she was unaware that Boomer is killed by Cally (she thought she was just in the brig). This Sharon copy thinks of herself as a "person" and not simply "a machine".
  • Caprica-Valerii possesses the memories of Boomer's two years aboard Galactica. She "remembers" how exhilarating it was to get her wings and how it felt to be a member of the "family" that is Galactica's crew. She considers Chief Tyrol a dear friend of sorts, even though she admits she herself has never actually met him. Caprica-Valerii herself acknowledges that it's weird that she has deep-seated memories of things she fully knows she's never actually done.
  • Caprica-Valerii apparently still believes that there is only "one true God" and that the Colonials "worship false idols".
  • According to Starbuck's observations, the Cylons have a plan for Caprica; "they're cleaning up the bodies, moving in the heavy machinery to repair the infrastructure..."
    • Ron Moore has stated in interviews that this is actually a major plot point (as later witnessed in "Downloaded"). Also, while the Cylon farms (the hybrid experiments) are logically a plan for the Twelve Colonies, Moore said that it is not their only plan.
  • Dr. Baltar has a medical scan performed on his head, and it appears that there are no "foreign objects", like a metallic computer chip containing a copy of Number Six's mind, within it.
  • Baltar comes to the realization that the copy of Number Six he sees cannot be just a hallucination, because she knows things his subconscious mind couldn't possibly know.
  • This episode probably begins a few hours after "Home, Part I", although it could conceivably begin immediately after it.
  • If the map displayed in the Tomb of Athena is from the perspective of an Earth-bound viewer, the Lagoon Nebula should be in Sagittarius, not Scorpio. This error has been acknowledged by the producers. Another error is that Libra appears between Leo and Virgo in the sky (the correct order is actually Leo-Virgo-Libra).
  • Since Lee and William Adama both recognized the Lagoon Nebula, and the nebula appears the same as it does from Earth, the Twelve Colonies must be located on a line that passes through Sol and the Lagoon Nebula. This would place the Colonies - and Kobol - in the Cygnus Arm of the galaxy.
  • Between Valerii's Heavy Raider that has been returned to the Fleet in this episode and the Heavy Raider from "Scattered", the Fleet may have up to two captured Heavy Raiders by this point. However, the one that crashes into the starboard flight pod may have been too damaged to be salvageable.
  • On Kobol, Zarek tells Meier that it's "harder" to get blood on your hands than to wash it off when referring to killing Apollo. Given the context, it is reasonable to assume that the correct line was that it is "easier" to get blood on your hands than wash it off, that Richard Hatch flubbed the line, and that the flub was not caught during filming.
  • Blooper: Laura Roslin and Kara Thrace can be seen holding their laughs in the back after Valerii points the gun at Adama, for an explanation see the "Official Statement" by Paul Campbell below.
  • The subtitles of the R2 and R4 DVDs give Baltar's Virtual Six a name: Sara. However, this is likely a mistake. While it does sound like "Sara", transcripts render it as "So, uh, now you've had your fun."


  • Zarek demonstrates an adaptability and patience repeatedly during both parts of "Home", seizing potential opportunities and recognizing when it is in his best interest to back off. For instance, we see in "Home, Part I" that he had a desire to become the next "Fleet Commander", like William Adama, and is willing to go along and eliminate anyone in his way, namely Lee Adama. Yet, during the foray on Kobol, he reverses his position and applauds Laura Roslin when she re-assumes the presidency, which is something that pays off later when her term expires and the Colonials cast their vote in "Lay Down Your Burdens".
  • In Ron Moore's blog on the official SciFi.com site, October 14, 2005 entry, Moore says that the map was "probably a holographic projection of some sort". As for what was preventing the Cylons finding the map now that the Tomb was open, Moore said that they planned to have Cylon Centurions attack again at the tomb, destroying the hologram projector, however it was decided not to do this because it didn't flow well dramatically. This abortive attack sequence would have mirrored a similar event in the search for Earth on a tomb on Kobol in the Original Series episode "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II".
  • The map to Earth is believable and satisfying: no goofy special effects or flaming letters spelling out "Go This Way," just basic astronomy. It gives the Colonials both a "compass" and "landmarks" to follow. For further analysis of the location of the Colonies, see this section of the article Science in the Re-imagined Series.
  • The compass is the Lagoon Nebula, an actual nebula visible from both Earth and the Colonies. Assuming the Colonials' astronomical instruments are advanced enough to permit them to see the nebula from a greater distance than we can, the Lagoon Nebula gives them a general direction to head toward. To look identical from both planets, the Colonies, Kobol and Earth must lie within a relatively straight line. They also know that Earth is within realistic traveling distance. The twelve star groupings that appeared on the Colonies' original flags are actual constellations, the twelve signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). These constellations will serve as landmarks: at the right planet, or within perhaps a few light-years of the nebula, these constellations will begin to appear as they do on the Colonials' flags, assuming that they compensate for the natural drift of stars relative to Earth over time, as constellations are not static.
  • If each of the Twelve Tribes had an associated symbol that the Thirteenth Tribe identified in their constellations, did the Thirteenth Tribe have one of their own? There is a thirteenth constellation in the Zodiac, Ophiuchus the snake-bearer, which is not included in astrology. Ophiuchus may, however, be included in Greek mythology, as it is speculated that the snake-bearer represents Asclepius, the healer. The story of Asclepius is that he learned the secrets of life and death while watching one snake cure another snake he had wounded. Zeus struck Asclepius down out of fear that, under his care, the human race could become immortal.
  • As the nebula and constellations in the map to Earth are recognizably ours, this would appear to indicate that the Tomb of Athena isn't a Cylon construct intended to lead the Colonials astray.
  • Despite the new data, it could take the Colonials years of searching within the vicinity of the Lagoon Nebula to find Earth.
  • This may be the first episode where Adama and the President call each other by their first names, and not formally: "Bill" and "Laura." By the end of this episode, it appears that Adama realizes that, while Roslin did step over the line with her redirection of Starbuck, that there was a logical need to get information on Earth in any way possible. After his near-death experience, Adama seemed more resigned that they should all meet their doom or glory together rather than separate. Roslin reinforced the Fleet's hope and gave it direction and purpose. Adama's rousing formal applause generation for Roslin at the end of the episode shows that Adama has firmly buried the hatchet between himself and the President.
  • Commander Adama's sense of humor is returning: first in his talk with Billy about Roslin's comments on his future of being president someday ("Don't let it go to your head: Adar was a moron.") and in his glib comment on how well their luck was going so far, as their Raptor's descent subjected them to several G-forces and pressed both of them firmly, visibly and uncomfortably against the bulkheads.
  • Helo is already experiencing repercussions regarding his relationship with Caprica-Boomer. First by Apollo, who voices his uneasiness about the pair to Starbuck and then later, indirectly, by Commander Adama himself who makes a point of leaving Helo outside the Tomb of Athena with Zarek, Boomer and Tyrol. Tyrol was given the order to guard them which indicates that the chief is the only one of the four left outside that Adama trusts.
  • Curiously, when Adama meets Caprica-Sharon, there is a flashback to "The Farm" when he visits Boomer's body in the morgue. Shortly later, Sharon says "And you ask why?", creating the impression that she somehow knows about the visit. Possibly, this is an error in editing, and she is referring to Adama's "Mankind never asked itself why it deserves to survive" from the Miniseries, which is a recurring theme in the series.
  • How can Adama use the Messier number M8 to refer to the Lagoon Nebula? The Messier catalog was created in 1774, on Earth. A possible reason is that the language and nomenclature in the show is allegorical: the Colonials speak English, Adama references the game of craps ("gotta roll a hard six"), many characters have Western, biblical, or mythological names.


  • How do Adama and the others return from the map of Earth?
    • What exactly is the map of Earth? Are they in the same room in the Tomb of Athena, and a 3D hologram is projected around them? Could it be "all in their heads?" If so, would it even be perceived by the Cylons if they tried to view it?
  • Just who or what is the copy of Number Six that Baltar sees all the time? Is she truly some form of supernatural force (like Count Iblis in the Original Series)? (See: Virtual beings.)
  • How is the virtual Six capable of moving the chair in the Cylon holding cell? The chair is seen in both positions in "objective" shots (i.e. shots not from Baltar's POV that don't include Six.) Is this a simple continuity error or does it suggest that Six can selectively appear as a physical manifestation, as hinted at by the appearance of Shelly Godfrey? Or is it just a stylistic choice to show the scenes from Baltar's point of view and he is only imagining it?
  • Caprica-Valerii reminds Adama that he asked her Galactica counterpart's corpse "why?" in "The Farm". How does she know, without also knowing that Boomer has been killed? Or is Boomer answering Adama's question of "why" from the Miniseries: that humans have always abused Cylons as he had just done?
  • What are Tom Zarek's true motivations?
  • Caprica-Valerii's claim that the Cylons know more about Colonial religion than the Colonials raises interesting questions. The Cylons had direct access to the Arrow of Apollo and had at least a token presence on Kobol. If all of them know where the Tomb of Athena is, as Valerii claims, why didn't they use this knowledge to locate Earth themselves?
Spoiler follows, highlight to read.
As revealed in "No Exit", the Ones boxed the Final Five and then erased or blocked, which one is never actually stated, knowledge of their identities from the rest of the Significant Seven memory. It is therefore highly likely that the Ones knew exactly where Earth was, and didn't want their brethren to find the remains of the Thirteenth Tribe because they might question their lineage and creation.

Official Statements

In the podcast for this program, Moore and Eick commented on their attempt to have a more colorful turn of phrase in the dialogue on the Raptor from Chief Tyrol and Adama. Tyrol's original line, in his frustration on reading a map was, "Topography's for pussies, anyway." Likewise, Adama's comment about President Adar to Bill was originally "...Adar was a prick." Both lines were changed at the behest of the studio's standards and practices unit.

Robert Falconer: One watches the series with the sense that William Adama is either an Atheist, or a man who is very private about his religious beliefs, which is interesting considering he’s part of a society whose cultural iconography seems innately tied to its religion. Has the discovery of the Tomb of Athena changed his mind about the existence of Earth, or his religious beliefs, if any?
Edward James Olmos: To answer the first part of the question, I think the beliefs Adama held were spiritual, and that he believed in the spiritual nature of humankind, but he was never a religious person, per se. He studied religions, but it wasn’t his thing, which is part of why the whole idea of Earth merely seemed like mythology or folklore to him.
As to events altering him as an individual…a lot has changed there. The biggest change Adama went through spiritually and emotionally was his own death. And when you come back from a death experience, where you’re “clinically dead” and your body stops functioning and then all of a sudden you’re brought back, at that moment you’re gone from this understanding and reality…not just lingering there, but gone.
Now nobody really knows what happens during those moments, but that disembodiment, where you’re just looking at everything going on as though watching a movie, is a profoundly altering experience by all accounts. And I think that experience has changed Adama the most.
The second life-altering experience for him was the discovery of the Tomb of Athena. One moment he’s standing in the tomb, the next he’s standing “outside” on open land for reasons not fully understood at this point.
I think those have been the most startling moments for Adama – those and discovering first-hand the new strengths and powers of the Cylons. When Sharon (Boomer) – who I loved like a member of my own family – is lying in the morgue and I ask her, “Why?”…then later I discover the other copy of Sharon on the surface of Kobol while I’m trying to reunite the family and the fleet, and she whispers in my ear, “And you ask me ‘why?’”…I realize the full implications of what we’re dealing with and I say to Lee later, “They’re much stronger than we are.”
And so all these things cause everything to change for Adama.
MB/TSFW: We had some questions come in from people that read the message board, and one of them was from Aaron Douglas. (Editor’s note: The question was actually from an earlier interview with TheSciFiWorld.net). He said that we should ask you about the names that Paul and Aaron made up for the race horses that Mary [McDonnell] took her husband to see.
Paul: I was thinking about that the other day. We had this ridiculous…Did he give you any names?
MB/TSFW: No, but he said you were all laughing so hard that you ruined take after take.
Paul: Absolutely, and once you get Mary on a roll, once you get her giggling, she will not stop. So we had a field day. We were shooting Home Pt. 2, and Mary was talking about taking her husband to the horse races and just randomly picking names. And we were talking about if you were just randomly picking names having no knowledge of the horses, what names you might choose. It would be like Lighting Steed, and Farts Dust, and choosing between the two. Or Beaten by A Nose, and A Nose for silly horse names. Three legged old man, and Guaranteed to Win. But for some reason it just struck us as incredibly silly, and we must have gone on for two or three hours, and we had hundreds of names. I think Mary laugher (sic) her way thru about 50% of those takes. [1]
Well, they barely see each other for the first half of the season. That serves to emphasis (sic) the pain invovled in the divergent paths the two men seem to be on. Lee stands over his father's comatose body on two occasions and each time feels a connection to his dad despite his apparent treacherous actions. His father's recovery he only experiences as a reported event while in exile [with Laura Roslin], and he seems doomed not to be able to put things right, and he is committed to denouncing his father's actions for the sake of democracy's cause. So when at the eventual meeting of the two men not a word is said about the past, it is so much more powerful. They now need each other on such a deep, family level that no past event can damage that. They have reached a point of acceptance of each other and each other's convictions, different as they may at times be. [2]

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Upon 'activating' the Tomb of Athena:
    Cmdr. Adama: I thought we were already in the Tomb.
    Starbuck: I think that was the lobby.
  • In sickbay:
    Cottle: Will you stop going crazy in there?!

Guest stars


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  2. "Inside Battlestar Galactica", Sci-Fi Magazine February 2006: 53

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