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For the Pyramid team with this name, see: Olympia Stallions.
The Stallion, front view.

The Stallion is a silver pistol with four barrels and a compact design.

According to Galen Tyrol, the Stallion is not a military issue sidearm.

Meier, a follower of Tom Zarek, carries two Stallions with him during Laura Roslin's and Commander Adama's joint expedition to find the Tomb of Athena on the surface of Kobol. Against direction from Zarek, Meier proceeds with the abandoned plan of eliminating Lee Adama, thus removing him from further political interference in Tom Zarek's political agenda with the President.

The Stallion, rear view (inverted).

Meier hands one Stallion to Sharon Valerii to use to kill Commander Adama, while he agrees to kill Lee Adama. But Valerii feints the attack: during the crucial moment of assassination, she betrays Meier and shoots him with his own gun as Meier is aiming his Stallion at the head of Lee Adama. After stating her intentions, she surrenders her weapon to Commander Adama (Home, Part II).

Romo Lampkin carrying a Stallion.

At one point, Romo Lampkin threatens Lee Adama with such a pistol (Sine Qua Non).


  • In real life, the "Stallion" is the COP 357 derringer [1], designed as a police off-duty/backup weapon by the now defunct COP Inc. of Torrance, California. It is a four barrel, four shot derringer that fires .357 Magnum rounds.
  • The name "Stallion" may be a production in-joke on the Marushin's model name, "COP 357," whose name is shared in part with the ubiquitous Colt .357 handgun.
  • This exotic-looking weapon appears to be a popular item in motion picture prop departments. This weapon appears in the motion pictures The Matrix Reloaded and Blade Runner (in which Edward James Olmos has a supporting role) [2]. Coincidentally, these cyberpunk movies, like Battlestar, are tales of conflict between humanity and intelligent machines.


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