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Troykus "Bill" Adama
Troykus "Bill" Adama


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Introduced Galactica 1980 #1
Death 1980 C.E., killed in nuclear suicide assault on Baltars baseship (Galactica 1980 4')
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Children Apollo† (eldest son), Athena (daughter), Zac† (son)
Marital Status Widowed; Ila† (wife)
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Role Commander, Galactica
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Troykus "Bill" Adama is a Cylon
Troykus "Bill" Adama is a Final Five Cylon
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Troykus "Bill" Adama in the separate continuity
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For the canonical character from whom this depiction is based, see: Adama (1980).

Adama is commander of Galactica and military leader of the Colonial Fleet, during his leadership of the Fleet, he notes its continued deterioration and general malaise of the survivors. Near the end of their journey to Earth, Adama tires of maintaining a strong, optimistic demeanor in public and contemplates suicide, before being summoned by Doctor Zee to Rising Star regarding the discovery of Earth.

During the journey, Adama and Zee have a strained relationship over how Zee appears to treat Adama, in addition to Zee's unmentioned "experiments" on people, which reached its zenith upon deciding how to best approach the members of the Thirteenth Tribe. Enraged at Zee's recommendation that the Colonials forcibly establish order on the planet due to their primitive state, Adama pleads with the Quorum of Twelve to establish peaceful contact with the humans on Earth. Adama solicits their agreement, only to lead to Galactica's destruction at the hands of the United States of America's military. Moments after the crash Adama sees the sunlight of Earth from a large crack in Galactica's bulkhead (Galactica 1980 1).

Initially believed dead Adama was in fact the only known survivor of the crash and was rescued by Troy and Dillon who rapidly got anti-radiation meds into him before evacuating the area (but not before Dillion was killed by US Miltary forces).

With a shooting war underway between Colonal and Earth forces and with Doctor Zee having declared him dead to take power for himself Adama allied with Earth scientist Felix Mortinson and together with Troy they made their way to Mount weather where they contacted the President of the United states. Initailly paranoia and the language barrier made talks close to impossible but when Adama recited the text of the Voyager records message to alien cultures, and with the aid of Mortinson (who was able to translate the colonial tongue into English) he managed to show the President that what occured had been a tragic accident.

Using the US Emergancy broadcast system, Adama retook control of the fleet and got the Colonial forces to stand down, however to late it was discovered the Cylons had followed the fleet and launched an all out assault on Earth.

As Colonial and Earthman fought shoulder to shoulder in a desperate battle for the last Bastion of humanity, it was discovered that the 13th tribe primative though it was had one weapon the thermonuclear bomb, that Colonial and Cylon shields could not defend aginst (indeed that was how the Galactica had been shot down), however Earths missiles could not reach the baseships, and the missles could not be mounted on Colonial ships, the only way was for the bombs to be placed in vipers and flown stright into the enemy ships...

With most of the refugees (relatively) safe on Earth the surviving Warriors prepared for suicide assaults, including Troy who is confronted by Adama. Forcing his grandson to stand down Adama (who was a skilled pilot in his younger days) leads the assault on the lead baseship, commanded by none other than his old foe Baltar. The two enemies exchanged words over radio as Adama closed on the baseship, too late Baltar realised Adama's true plan...

In a nuclear fireball Adama destroyed the basestar and redeemed himself for his precieved failure in leading the Cylons to Earth and the botched first contact, while at the same time other attacks destroyed the entire Cylon fleet.

Adama died a hero, but with the certainty that more Cylons would inevitably attack Earth a crash program began to build a new Battlestar. Six Months later the half built ship proudly bore the name: Adama...


This version of Adama appears to be a fusion of the TOS and RDM versions of the character. While he experienced all the events of the 1978 series and looks like Lorne Greene there are differences. Most notably he is a skilled fighter pilot (something never show in the original series), and Baltar refers to him as "Bill" on two occasions.

This version certainly has two names but it's not certain what his first name actually is, while a caption in issue 3 calls him "Troykus" Baltar refers to him as "Bill" which Adama acknowledges meaning unless this is a nickname his first name could be William.