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For information on the Re-imagined Series counterpart to this character, see Richard Adar.


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Introduced Saga of a Star World
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Portrayed by Lew Ayres
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Adar in the separate continuity

Adar is President of the Colonies, leader of the Quorum at the time of the decimation of the Twelve Colonies of Man, as well as commander of the battlestar Atlantia.

Lord Baltar deceives him into embracing the façade of a forthcoming peace with the Cylon Empire. Adar holds back his guard despite repeated warnings from Commander Adama on Galactica, who warns of possible Cylon treachery. As a result, only Galactica is prepared sufficiently to fight off a massive Cylon Raider force that attacks the unprepared Colonial fleet. Adar laments, too late, on the horrific discovery that the peace effort was all a front for the Cylon's final strike against humanity.

Adar perishes when Cylon Raiders attack the unprepared Atlantia at Cimtar, destroying all other battlestars at the conference, save Galactica (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

In the separate continuity

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Adar, a Sagitarian, began his career in politics some two or three decades[1] before the Battle of Cimtar with his run for a minor political office.

Upon entering politics, he aimed to end the Cylon war and wrestle control of it away from the corrupt politicians, and were great friends of both Adama and Ila. He shared many of the same literary and cultural interests as Ila, but even those similarities were not enough to maintain their friendship as he became bogged down in the realities of politics and lost his optimism, to the point where he was merely using his friendship with Adama to strategise on how to deal with the military (Battlestar Galactica TOS pilot novelization).


  • Unlike Adar's Re-imagined Series counterpart, Adar's role as President of the Colonies is not refilled upon his death by any character in the Original Series, at least technically. The vacuum left by Adar's death, however, has been filled by Adama, who leads the Fleet under martial law.
Adar was born to a peasant family from Virgon, he is described as a "brilliant child" who "took First Honors from the Institute of Diplomacy". After graduating, Adar initially sought to organize the colonies into a more effective political body, and so became a staff assistant to the Quorum of Twelve. He became disillusioned by the "internal bickering that characterized the Council at the time", prompting his return to Virgon to enter politics there, becoming the leader of the Pan-Colonial Unification Movement after several yahren of involvement with this party. The Unification Movement sought to create a central government for the Colonies and a negotiated settlement of the Thousand-Yahren War. It succeeded in doing so, resulting in Colonial victories over the Cylons, which itself lead way to the Colonials believing more in the efficacy of a peace accord with their enemies.
During his life, he is described as a "selfless, ascetic, driven man" living "only for his work", and as such never married and "indifferent to all recreational pleasures", including Ambrosa.
At the time of his death at the Battle of Cimtar, he was 202 yahrens-old.[2]


  1. The book states that Apollo was merely 2 years old at the time Adar runs for the minor political office on Sagitara. Further, Zac's age at the time of the Battle of Cimtar, according to the book, is 23.
  2. Kraus, Bruce (1979). Encyclopedia Galactica, p. 12.

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