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All Things Past and Present
All Things Past and Present
An issue of the Marvel Comics series.
Issue No. 7
Writer(s) Roger McKenzie
Penciller(s) Richard F. Buckler
Inker(s) Klaus Janson
Colorist(s) Bob Sharen
Letterer(s) Clem Robins
Editor(s) Allen Milgrom and Jim Shooter
Cover Artist(s) Richard F. Buckler and Klaus Janson
Adaptation of
Published September 1979
Collected in The Memory Machine
Reprinted as
ISBN [[Special:Booksources/|]]
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In an attempt to search for details on Earth inside the memory inducer, Adama recollects dueling with Baltar in his past. Now that Sire Uri has secured the presidency of the Council, he has his men execute an assassination attempt on the defenseless Adama, which is thwarted—but the controls of the machine are damaged in the fracas, perhaps trapping Adama inside it forever.


  • While in the memory inducer, Adama recalls a sparring match with Baltar while both attended the Colonial Fleet Academy on Caprica some 25 yahren prior. While sparring with bio-swords during a practice session, Baltar makes various taunts until Adama strikes his target. Despite the fact that the swords for both participants should've deactivated, Adama finds that Baltar has rigged his own swords to remain active. Adama knows that Baltar is cheating, but Baltar warns him that such accusations are dangerous. Without his own active swords, Adama is still able to defeat Baltar using sheer brawn, despite Baltar's technological advantage with the bio-swords. Baltar yields, but promises there will be other times where Adama may lose to him.
  • Sire Uri and Apollo are in the memory stimulator room. Uri believes the effort to be vain, and a waste of Galactica's vital energy resources. Apollo counters that Adama is in the situation because Uri goaded him into it, and used the situation to gain leadership of the Fleet. Uri defends his efforts, claiming that the Fleet needs leadership, but assures Apollo that Adama's in the best of hands. After Apollo leaves, Uri gives his personal warriors the go ahead to deal with Adama.
  • On the bridge, Athena relays Shadrack's report on their success thus far in converting the slower ships to lightspeed. Tigh is pleased, as the sooner this is done, the sooner they'll be able to leave the magnetic void in order to prevent the loss of more ships.
  • Uri arrives on the bridge to assume command of Galactica, much to Tigh and Athena's aversion. Tigh attempts to excuse himself in order to "check the air purification system" due to a stench, which results in Uri declaring that he will not allow insubordination, and that Tigh has been warned once. Uri asks Tigh for a report on the Cylons; Tigh notes that they haven't been detected by the Cylons. Upon being told they cannot leave due to Shadrack's upgrade efforts, Uri orders Tigh to take personal command of the repair crews, in addition to summoning Apollo and Starbuck to the bridge before Tigh leaves the ship.
  • Uri orders Apollo, Athena and Starbuck to search for the missing ships. When asked about the "change of heart", Uri replies that since he's assumed command, things are different now that he has the entire Fleet to consider. Uri assures them that Adama will be looked after while they are gone.
Adama duels Baltar in the past.
  • While retrieving their gear, Starbuck voices his belief that Uri cannot be trusted. Apollo notes that Boomer is guarding Adama, but as soon as this comment is made, Boomer shows up under the belief that he's needed for some sort of emergency. Having been duped by Uri's guards, their fears are confirmed. Boomer takes place of Apollo on the search and rescue mission, and is able to briefly fool Medea and Uri into believing that Apollo is off the ship, while Apollo himself heads to the memory inducer chamber.
  • However, Medea notes that she's receiving reports of a security disturbance aboard ship. Apollo engages in a shoot out with Uri's guards, until Apollo is overpowered and brought before Uri. As Uri begins to offer threats to Apollo—calling him and the other three Warriors traitors—regarding spending their lives aboard the Prison Barge, Medea reports that the Agro Ship has gone missing. Uri believes that Medea orchestrated the "disappearance", only to discover that the ship has actually disappeared. Apollo surmises that the two earlier "disappearances" were ships that Uri needed for his own personal Fleet, and that Uri is plotting to kill Adama—someone who Uri now needs. Panicked, Uri tells Apollo to follow him, and they head towards the memory inducer.
  • Uri's guards begin their attempt, knocking out Wilker and holding Cassiopea back. However, Tigh thwarts them and manages—with Cassiopea's help—to temporarily hold off the would-be assassins, who are convinced that Uri will follow through on his promise of a new beginning and an empty guarantee of peace. Tigh's laser is nearly out of power, and he tries to reason with Uri's remaining guards, but to no avail. Apollo arrives and tackles one of the guards, who shoots the controls of the machine—effectively trapping Adama inside without any hope of outside intervention.


  • From this issue on, the memory inducer is referred to as the "memory stimulator" or "memory machine".
  • Baltar's rivalry with Adama that dates back to their academy days—and his attempt to manipulate technology to cheat—is also mirrored in the The Tombs of Kobol novel.
  • As is proven later, the Fleet only has one Agro Ship. In the series, the Fleet has three up until "The Magnificent Warriors".
  • Unlike the series, the helmets drawn in the comic have the names of the pilot on the front.
  • Wilker is depicted as a bald man with a goatee.


  • Given Adama's age, it seems highly dubious that he was a mere cadet only 25 yahren ago.


  • Why doesn't Tigh merely pick up another laser gun when he discovers that his own is running out of power?
  • How will Adama now be able to leave the machine? (Answer)