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Colony Caprica
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Introduced Blowback
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Portrayed by Tom McBeath
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Alpert in the separate continuity

Alpert is an agent with the Global Defense Department in the Caprica City bureau. He is tasked with the cataloging of evidence seized by the GDD in the years leading up to the Cylon War.

In the year 42, Agent Jordan Duram bribes Alpert - whom he calls "Alpie" - to allow him to take evidence from a Sagittaron porn ring in order to bug Clarice Willow's residence. While the wiretap Duram finds has been destroyed by rats, Duram discovers evidence that someone else has been in the evidence locker besides himself, Alpert and the rats - leading him to suspect a mole in the GDD.

Alpie is a fan of Tauron Stars (CAP: "Blowback").