Anne Jeffreys

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Anne Jeffreys
Anne Jeffreys
Portrays: Blassie
Date of Birth: January 26, 1923
Date of Death: ,
Age: 94
Nationality: USA USA

Anne Jeffreys (born January 26, 1923) is an American actress who portrays Siress Blassie in "The Man With Nine Lives".

Born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, she first appeared Sarah Crane in the 1942 film Billy the Kid Trapped, but had acted in opera and musical theater before her entry into film and television.[1]

Jeffreys' guest starring role in the Original Series is notable namely due to her work with Fred Astaire, who portrayed Chameleon, as she is the last woman to have danced with Astaire on screen.[1]

The accent used to in her portrayal of Siress Blassie is her own, she also notes that she did not audition for the role, and jumped at the chance upon finding out she would be acting with Astaire.[1]


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