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Introduced The Young Lords
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Parents Megan
Siblings Kyle, Miri, Robus, and Nilz
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Portrayed by Brigitte Muller
Ariadne is a Cylon
Ariadne is a Final Five Cylon
Ariadne is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Additional Information
Ariadne in the separate continuity

Ariadne is the youngest daughter of Megan. As with her other siblings, she is also a part of Kyle's "family army" that he establishes after their father is captured by Specter.

Ariadne contributes little to any discussions, due to Kyle's egotistical and altruistic modus operandi.

When Starbuck takes leadership of the family, Ariadne's job is to bomb Centurions off the bridge as they attempt to cross the moat.

She stays behind on Antilla, where Starbuck predicts that she will one day give her older sister, Miri, competition (TOS: "The Young Lords").


In Earth's Greek mythos, Ariadne is the daughter of Minos that imparted thread to Theseus who made his way out of the Labyrinth using Ariadne's thread.