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BSG WIKI Bot.png This page is one of Battlestar Wiki's many projects.
This page serves to coordinate discussion on a particular aspect of this Wiki. The formal recommendations of a project may be treated as policies.

Bots (Codename: Raider) assist members and the administrator staff with basic functions throughout the Wiki. Some might be as trivial as HTML translating into Wikicode and some are much more complex.

Bots require special approval to be run on a Wiki as they have control over mass of data. If you wish to contribute by writing a bot, you can post it under the review bin so Administrators can take a look at it to make sure it's non-threating.

Project Team


  • There must be a need for it. We won't install every bot there even if it is used somewhere else for trivial matters.
  • A bot can be removed from service at any time with or without reason.
  • One Month Probation Period - Afterwards the bot owner can control it's functions and not Administrators. Two week testing phase is part of the probation period.
  • Once a bot is approved, that source code must be provided to the admins so we can ensure everything is ok.
  • Bot masters must maintain all bot related pages. Inclduing on what their current functions are.
  • All bots will be under the Category:Bots.

Bots Status

Under Review

  • Fix/Link/Redirect Bot - This bot will keep an eye out for links that are redirects going to the article namespace. for example, Cally is a redirect. The bot will go through can change of the links that are Cally to [[Callandra Tyrol|Cally]]. We will ignore links that goto pages with redirects to the Battlestar Wiki namespace.
Status: in development
  • Vote Bot - This bot will keep summerizes of all the voting that is taking place on the wiki. Only pages what are in the "Category:Ideas currently under voting status", BW:RFA's, and BW:RFB's will get phrased and checked for their vote summary. BW:RFA and BW:RFB vote summaries will be placed on am Administrator watch page. All other voting items will be placed on the BW:VOTE page. This bot uses the MediaWiki API. It runs every mintue so no vote is missed.
Master: Catrope
Status: Testing Phase


  • None


  • Archive Bot - This bot will archive talk pages automatically and create the correct headers for each archive page.
Master: Shane
Runs: Via Cron Job
When: Every 24 hours; Checks all pages linked that have {{archive-bot}}.
  • Interwiki Bot - A bot that will interwiki all pages on all wiki and does mass replaces.
Master: Shane
Runs: Via Cron Job
On Error: Page is skipped.


  • Task Bot - A bot that will create and maintain an "OPEN TASK" list in Battlestar Wiki:Tasks of everything that is marked with a certain templates and in a certain categories so they are not forgotten. All "Tasks" are to be put into a template called {{allopentasks}}.
Master: Shane
Runs: Every 12 Hours
  • Media Tag Bot - This bot will check the media files that are uploaded to the Media wiki to make sure they have tags. If not, this bot will tag them as such and notify the user who uploaded them to make the corrections needed.
Master: Shane
Runs: Via Cron Job; Every Hour
  • URL Bot - Checks all url's to see if they are still vaild. If not, it reports it to the article page talk page.
Master: Shane
Runs: Via Cron Job
When: Twice a week;

Bots Currently Running

Name Purpose Owner Date Added Status
Archive Bot Archive talk pages automatically and create the correct headers for each archive page Shane 2007-06-11 Battlestar Wiki:Bots/active
Media Tag Bot Make sure media files are properly tagged. Shane 2008-05-10 Battlestar Wiki:Bots/inactive
Interwiki Bot Make sure articles, on the interwiki, have the interwiki link back to its parent and also does mass replaces. Shane 2007-01-21 Battlestar Wiki:Bots/active
Task Bot Keep task list updated to list on what needs to be completed and looked at on the Wiki. Shane 2006-04-22 Battlestar Wiki:Bots/inactive


Name Purpose Owner Date Added Status
Fix Bot Fix Redirects and BW:SAC enforcement. Shane TBD Battlestar Wiki:Bots/dev
Vote Bot (Vote Bot Test Page) Keeps track of voting that goes on to the wiki. Catrope 2008-05-15 Battlestar Wiki:Bots/dev