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Internal wiki linking

These exist so you can cross-reference the same articles, but on different language wikis. For example, on "Water" there is a French, German, and Spanish version of this article. So at the end of this page on "Water", this code exists:


These are the article names of "Water" on each of these three wikis. And on the German Wiki's article of "Water" this is on its bottom:


These happen on each of the pages that have interwiki links. However, let's say you are working on the German Wiki and you add interwiki links to a page that lead to a valid article name on other wikis, the Interwiki Bot automatically cross-references by reading the German article and adding the correct interwiki links on those other pages. This allows correct formatting of these links and keeps everything clean. To request the Interwiki Bot to run, contact Shane.

Interwiki ID Wiki Link Code
en English Wiki$1
de Deutsch / German Wiki$1
es Español / Spanish Wiki$1
fr Français / French Wiki$1
ms Bahasa Melayu / Malay Wiki$1
tr Türkçe / Turkish Wiki$1
zh 中文 / Chinese Wiki$1
simple Simple English$1
md BS Media Wiki$1
props BS Props Wiki$1
hb Hangerbay (Test) Wiki$1

Example Code: [[:md:Main Page|Main Page]] would produce: Main Page linking to the Battlestar Wiki Media.

External wiki linking

Interwiki ID Wiki Link Code
Wikipedia Wikipedia (en)$1
w Wikipedia (current lang)$1
frakr Frakr$1
MemoryAlpha MemoryAlpha$1
Wookieepedia Wookieepedia$1
Lostpedia Lostpedia (current lang)$1[1]
FlashGordonWiki Flash Gordon Wiki$1
m-w Merriam-Webster dictionary$2

Example Code: [[:w:Battlestar Galactica|Battlestar Galactica]] would produce: Battlestar Galactica linking to the English Wikipedia.


  1. If your language does not exist on Lostpedia, it will be linked to the English version.

Current Suggestions

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