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Hi. My name is... Troy... ...sorry! This isn't the "The Simpsons" character Troy McClure talking, but we do have actors in our smallest project yet! It's the Audio Development project where member use their voice talents and create an audio version of an article for people to listen to! Want to contribute? All you need is a microphone!
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  • CGI Supervisor Doug Drexler reports the special effects for Blood and Chrome are finished.
  • Check out the brand new Galactica Geek website, featuring news, reviews, updates, analyses, and fandom creations (costumes, props, art, stories).
  • BBC America is presently airing episodes of the Re-imagined Series beginning every Sunday at 7 PM.
  • ANOVOS is offering the venerable double tanks and the patch to the squadron William Adama served in: Primus.
  • We'd like everyone to see just how massive (and expansive) the Battlestar Galactica (both new and classic) fandoms are. Help us by putting your pin on our world map that is located here.
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