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This page covers other sites that mirror the content of Battlestar Wiki. Mirror can be done in one or two ways.

Squid Method

The method is to setup your server to act as a "cache" repository for Squid. This allows Battlestar Wiki to still maintain the database for future edits, but allows you to host "cached" versions of the wiki for people to access. For how this works, please read here on the Squid Wiki. Please contact Shane for setting this up.

Basic Server Requirements

Most servers need to be powerful enough to handle the load we take on. For this you need to at least achieve these parameters.

  • Dedicated Machine
    • You need root access to install squid and run it.
  • Dedicated IP Address with qualified domain name
  • root access to the entire server
  • P4 2.0GHz+ CPU
  • 256mb of RAM
  • At least 10gb of Space

You have to be on a T3 internet pipe or higher. Cable modem and ASDL connections do not count.


This will be where the list of the mirrors will be when they are operational.

Logo URL Type of Mirror