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Uploading Images

Images, along with other uploadable multimedia objects, are no longer uploaded on the individual wikis. They are all now centralized onto a "Media Repository" (Check out the Media Tutorial). Because of this this Island of Misfit Images no longer will work properly because there are no images associated with the English Wiki. Currently there is no auto-generated list of files not being used.

Or in short, images can be uploaded here after logging in.

Image being used?

If you goto an image, for instance, Image:User_Shane.jpg on the media wiki, you will notice three tabs at the top. This will link back to the wiki that you select. You then be directed to the image on the Wiki itself, and by looking at the "Link" pages section you can tell where this image is being used.

Upload and Tagging Guidelines

There are three guidelines for multimedia objects. They are located here:

There is also there related tagging guidelines pages:

  • Image Tagging Guidelines
  • Audio Tagging Guidelines
  • Video Tagging Guidelines

Updating Images

Goto your favorite picture and follow these instructions:

  1. Press the here in the box directly below the image. (From this line of: To upload a new version click here. This will direct you to the upload page.)
    • This takes you to the upload page.
    • If you do not have or not logged into the Media Wiki, create an account and sign in. (Then Repeat Step #1)
  2. Follow the instructions to "Browse" to the new file while keeping the "Destination filename" field the same. Do not change it.
  3. Click upload and confirm that you want to replace the image.

That's it. Nothing to it. Make sure you keep the tags and the source updating with the changing image.

Integrating images into articles


Note: Do not include the brackets "{" and "}" in your code! These are meant to distinguish the attributes from the syntax only!

The general syntax is [[Image:{name}|{type}|{location}|{size}|{caption}]], but only [[Image:{name}]] is required.


  • Only the name of the image without additional preceding URL parts. For example "name.jpg".


  • "thumbnail" or "thumb": Creates and displays a thumbnail. The caption is displayed below it if one is specified.
  • "frame": Displays the image in its original size with a border around it. The caption is displayed below it if one is specified.
  • (nothing specified): Displays the image in its original size, but without border or caption.


  • "left", "right" or "center": Displays the image in the respective location. Text flows around it.
  • "none": By default the image is placed on the left side.


  • "100px": Scales the picture down to a width of 100 pixels (or any value chosen). If "thumbnail" is specified, this setting will override the default thumbnail size.
  • "100x200px": Scales the picture up and down to a maximum of the specified width and height while preserving its aspect ratio.


  • Optional, but recommended description of the picture, that will be displayed below it.


To place a hyperlink to a picture in a text, put a colon in front of "Image": [[:Image:{name}|text]]


To create a gallery of several images use the following syntax:

<gallery caption="gallery caption"> 
Image:image1.jpg | caption1 
Image:image2.jpg | caption2 

Note that no square brackets are used. The gallery caption is optional; <gallery></gallery> is enough.

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