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BSG WIKI Proposed Policy.png This is a proposed policy for Battlestar Wiki.
This non-policy is considered by the community and its leadership is to be considered for the status quo of Battlestar Wiki, though changes to it can be discussed on the appropriate talk page.

Articles and multimedia are sometimes deleted by administrators if they are thought to have a valid reason for deletion. Usually these decisions are completely correct, and undisputed. Sometimes, they are more controversial. See the Special:Log/delete for a searchable list of deleted pages.

Reasons why an article might be requested for undeletion

  • Deletion "out of process"
  • If the article has been wrongly deleted (i.e. that Battlestar Wiki would be a better encyclopedia with the article restored).
  • Non-sysops who wish to see the content of a deleted article, either to use its content elsewhere, or alternatively, because they cannot tell if it was wrongly deleted without seeing what exactly was deleted. (temporary undeletion)
  • To permit a deleted article to be transwikified or properly moved to a sister wiki-site. (temporary undeletion)
  • "History only" undeletions can always be performed without needing to list the articles on the votes for undeletion page, and don't need to be kept for a full ten days. Article histories that include copyright infringements should not be undeleted.

To request that a page (or image) be restored

If an article was speedy deleted, this may have been done in error. You may ask any administrator to undelete an article if it has been obviously deleted out of process (no justification under the deletion policy). See the "Exceptions" section below. If you cannot persuade an administrator that the deletion was in error, try Battlestar Wiki:Deletion review.

To nominate a page for undeletion, place the page title on Battlestar Wiki:Deletion review, with the reason you think it should be undeleted. Sign and date your entry (~~~~). If the page was deleted via Battlestar Wiki:Consensus rather than speedy deletion, please include a link to the relevant deletion debate, and provide a good reason for overriding the existing debate. Be sure to leave a message on the administrator's talk page informing them that you have nominated a page for undeletion. A template, {{subst:DRVNote}} is available to make this easier.

Pages that were recently deleted in accordance with deletion policy after being reached to be deleted should not be listed unless new information has come to light. If the article was deleted because it was a stub and contained little or no information and you believe you can write a non-trivial non-stub article on the subject, you should be bold and write it, rather than request the stub for undeletion. The speedy deletion criterion for "reposted content that was deleted according to deletion policy " only applies if the content is "substantially identical" (under any article title) — not if you added a lot of new information.

If an article is nominated for undeletion but is kept deleted according to consensus, please do not renominate unless you have significant new information that may convince people to change their minds.

Restoring the page (for admins)

A page listed for undeletion should remain on DRV for at least five days.

After five days, if at least three people and a majority of voters have voted for undeletion, including the person who proposed it, the page may be undeleted by a sysop.

After ten days, if a majority of voters were in favor of undeletion, it should be undeleted; else it should be removed from the page and remain deleted.

If a request to undelete is made, a sysop may choose to undelete the article and protect it blank so that people may look at the article on which they are voting. If you wish to only view a deleted article, list it in the content review section and say why. A sysop will provide the deleted article to you in some form — either by quoting it in full, or by emailing it to you, or by temporarily undeleting it.


  1. If the page was obviously deleted "out of process" (i.e. not in accordance with current deletion policy), then a sysop may choose to undelete immediately. In such a case, the sysop who deleted the page should be informed of the undeletion and the reason for it. If deletion policy dictates that the undeleted page is an candidate, please list it there. If you are unclear as to whether it was out of process or not, or it gets deleted again after you restore it, the normal undeletion procedure should apply.
  2. An article deleted through the BW:PROD system can be speedily undeleted at any time.


Anyone is allowed to give comments or opinions here. However, as with other voting pages, a user's vote may be discounted if that user has a lack of edit history (for instance if the account was created after the DRV nomination, or all the user's edits are related to the article), or the user is a probable sockpuppet. There are no strict rules for this, the admin closing a discussion is expected to use common sense.

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