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Becca Kelly
Becca Kelly


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Becca Kelly is a civilian software engineer working with the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War. She was previously employed by Graystone Industries, where she was involved in the production of Cylons and the last upgrade to their programming before the Cylons rebelled against the Colonies.

Kelly's Mission

Ten years into the war, Kelly becomes the key individual in an important covert mission for the Fleet. Ensign William Adama and ECO Coker Fasjovik are ordered to transport Kelly aboard the Raptor Wild Weasel to the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards in an apparently routine mission, but soon after departing, Kelly presents new orders from the Fleet that eventually bring them to a secret Colonial "ghost" fleet being gathered for a massive assault on the Cylons. One of the ghost fleet ships delivers Kelly along with Adama and Fasjovik to the moon Djerba, deep inside Cylon territory. Even after arriving on the ice moon, Kelly reveals nothing about the nature of her mission.

Kelly and the others set off on foot toward their objective, but are forced to take shelter at an abandoned ski lodge. During the night, Kelly opens herself emotionally to Adama and seduces him. A platoon of Centurions attacks the lodge several hours later, and Kelly wanders off during the fight. She is cornered by one of the Centurions, but it stops before striking, suddenly fixated on the dog tag hanging from her neck. As it scans the digital information stored in the tag, Fasjovik comes up from behind and kills it, but not before noticing that the Centurion had spared Kelly's life.

Fasjovik's suspicions about Kelly grow, and before leaving the lodge the following morning, he confronts Kelly at gunpoint. She tells Fasjovik and Adama that her mission is to upload a virus into the Cylon computer network, a move that can potentially blind the Cylons' defenses. Fasjovik relaxes, and the three complete their trek to a Cylon automated transmission relay. Kelly places her dog tag onto a computer terminal and begins the upload. However, Fasjovik glances at a computer display of the upload, instantly realizes that she is a traitor, and shoots her: the "virus" is in fact intelligence about the Colonial ghost fleet. While Fasjovik frantically explains the situation to Adama, Keely finds her own weapon and wounds Fasjovik, and then aims the gun at Adama. She claims the Cylons are only defending themselves, and that this betrayal will force the Colonies to come to the negotiating table. Adama is unconvinced, and Kelly shoots him as well. Adama's wound is minor and he is able to disarm her. He destroys her dog tag and the computer terminal, stopping the upload.

The wounded Kelly is then abandoned by Adama and Fasjovik as they search for rescue. She is discovered sometime later by an experimental Cylon model, who acknowledges that Kelly is more enlightened than her fellow human beings before snapping Kelly's neck.


The Colonial admiralty somehow knew of her plans all along, and simply allowed her to go. Kelly's plan gave the Colonials a chance to feed the Cylons misinformation, and to utilize the ghost fleet in a bold and successful surprise attack on Cylon targets across five sectors.

Personal Life

Before the war, Kelly was married to a Colonial Marine named Ezra Barzel, who was accidentally killed by members of his own unit. The Colonial military falsely reported that Barzel had died a hero's death destroying an entire Cylon platoon single-handedly. Although the propaganda tactic deeply offended Kelly, it succeeded in boosting military enlistment (Blood and Chrome).


  • Early information on Becca Kelly revealed her to be an "enigmatic, seemingly impenetrable software genius who gives Adama a run for his money in more ways than one." [2]


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