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Bribing man
Bribing man


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Introduced Miniseries
Death Eventual radiation poisoning
Marital Status Presumably married
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Portrayed by Zahf Paroo
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The bribing man[1] is a man with a lot of money at his disposal who tries to escape the bombing of Caprica.

The man (and a woman, presumably his wife) is part of a large mob of people in the rural outskirts outside the cities of Caprica who are running away from the blasts. The mob heads for the Raptor (crewed by Helo and Boomer) after seeing it land. The mob includes a old forgetful woman, a woman with a missing husband in the Colonial Fleet, a very desperate man, and Gaius Baltar.

The man offers 50,000 cubits to Helo as a bribe to get on board. Helo refuses his offer as well as that of another man (off-screen) who counters with 60,000 cubits.

The man's lottery number is not picked, and he and his wife are left behind on Caprica.

It is likely that the man, along with every other refugee in the crowd (except Helo, who carries anti-radiation medication), eventually succumbs to radiation poisoning[2] (Miniseries, Night 1).


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  2. The fate of these refugees is confirmed in the special Sci Fi Channel program, Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far.