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Security Officer"
Bruce Wright
Bruce Wright
Portrays: Lomas,

Security Officer

Date of Birth:
Date of Death: ,
Nationality: USA USA

Bruce Wright is an American actor.

He is responsible for potraying many bit-parts in the series, including various Galactica personnel. His only named character was Corporal Lomas, who appeared in "The Man with Nine Lives". He is a consistent performer on the show.

Before Lomas, eagle-eyed viewers may note that he was a deckhand in the theatrical movie/3-part TV pilot, the lead Colonial/Council Security officer looking for ambrosa and victuals taken from the Officer's Mess for Apollo's bachelor party in "Lost Planet of the Gods," as well as a security officer in "War of the Gods".

He has also appeared in Galactica 1980 as an aide in "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II".

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