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Introduced Blowback
Death Executed by the STO
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Role Soldiers of the One recruit
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Portrayed by Calum Worthy
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Cass in the separate continuity

Cass is a young member of the Soldiers of the One, present on the transport taking new recruits to its compound on Gemenon.

As part of initiation, Cass and other recruits - including Lacy Rand, Odin Sinclair, Lexon and Devanna - are subjected to a simulated hijacking by polytheist rebels led by STO trainer Kevin Reikle. Believing the simulation to be real, Cass panics and pleads for his life, but is "shot" as a show of force and a dummy is dumped out an airlock in place of his dead body. When the simulation ends, Cass is returned to his seat and the transport continues to the Monotheist "retreat", but Cass' performance is deemed a failure.

While the passing recruits enjoy a reception at the Monad retreat, Cass is executed by a stolen U-87 Cyber Combat Unit as Lacy Rand and Odin Sinclair look on (CAP: "Blowback").de:Cass