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Communication drones on a rack in Galactica's hangar bay.
For information on the decoy drones deployed during the Battle of New Caprica, see Swallow.
For other types of electronic drones, see: Drone.

A communication drone extends or augments the range or clarity of wireless communication between ships. Communication drones apparently carry a combustible solid-fuel engine to propel itself.

Lieutenant Sharon "Boomer" Valerii uses a communication drone to send a distress call to other Colonial civilian or military ships as her Raptor, carrying refugees from Caprica, begins to drift with little fuel remaining. The drone successfully glides away from Cylon communication jamming in the area, and Boomer's ship is found by Colonial One (Miniseries).

A communication drone accidentally ignites in Galactica's port hangar deck where 19 pilots were celebrating Flat Top's 1,000th landing. The drone strikes the group, killing 13 and injuring 7 (Act of Contrition).de:Kommunikationsdrohne