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Formally, the "conn" of a Colonial Fleet warship is the collective name for its helm controls: yaw, pitch, and roll.

The term is also used to grant command of a ship from a commanding officer to a subordinate, typically an Executive officer.

After placing Pegasus in a precarious situation that required his engineering leadership to save the ship, Commander Barry Garner tells Major Lee Adama, "You have the conn" (The Captain's Hand).


  • Transfers of command or ship's watch haven't been consistently shown in the Re-imagined Series. One scene in "Final Cut," after a Raider engagement, shows Colonel Tigh telling Lieutenant Gaeta that he "has the deck" as both Tigh and Commander Adama leave CIC. Despite the different terminology used, this command is consistent with Gaeta's role as Senior Officer of the Watch in seasons 1 and 2 of the series.