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Odin Sinclair takes a hit off a coto cigarette.

Coto is a psychoactive drug smoked in cigarettes or in a pipe in the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Fifty-eight years before the Fall, Odin Sinclair stashes coto in the barrel of a pistol at the Soldiers of the One training camp on Gemenon, prompting Lacy Rand to ask him if he can function without "lighting up" (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Despite its status as contraband, several young STO recruits - including Lexon and Devanna - smoke coto with Sinclair, though Devanna observes that "coto makes him mean" (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").


  • Though it may be an illicit substance among acolytes of the Monotheist Church, coto is likely legal on Caprica, as it is mentioned in "Gravedancing" that drugs are legal on that world.
  • It is clearly intended to be a parallel of real world cannabis.

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