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Daniel Noon
Daniel Noon


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Colony Aerilon
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Introduced Dirty Hands
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Role Worker aboard the Hitei Kan
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Portrayed by Bryce Hodgson
Daniel Noon is a Cylon
Daniel Noon is a Final Five Cylon
Daniel Noon is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Daniel Noon is an Original Series Cylon
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Daniel Noon in the separate continuity
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Daniel Noon is a young man who is assigned to the Hitei Kan because of his alleged skills in using heavy machinery, acquired by working on a farm. Previously he lived in Dogsville on Galactica. Noon himself objects to his assignment, claiming his only farming experience was during a summer job to earn money for architect college, and that he should not be considered a farmer just because of that. Later, when the conveyor belt in the refinery is jammed, Noon manages to take the jamming part out and restore the belt, but injures his arm as a result (Dirty Hands).fr:Daniel Noon