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Dualla handling datacord.

Datacord (also called generically as data cabling) is a form of networking cable[1] presumably used in modern Colonial military ships.

Datacord is used in Raptors as part of its avionics, particularly its fly-by-wire flight controls.[2]

After Starbuck's Raptor crashes from Cylon fire during a reconnaissance run on the algae planet, Lieutenant Anastasia Dualla manages to use datacord from the ship's communication system to repair the flight control console (Rapture).

Sharon Agathon directs Kara Thrace to remove some "slow mode, 1310" datacord from their Raptor as part of a repair to mate their Colonial jump systems to the stricken baseship to restore its FTL ability[3] (Faith).


  1. In the real-world Earth, networking cable is also used in avionics, which usually consists of twisted-pair Ethernet cabling or other advanced and military-hardened technology.
  2. It is probable that the datacord in a Raptor also has a fiber-optic element to aid in its radiation-hardening, as established in the episode "The Passage".
  3. Agathon's warning to Thrace that faster datacord could blow their systems suggests that the Colonials use rated variations of data cable based on speed, similar to the cabling specifications and speeds in contemporary computer networking.