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Dionne and Galen reading together.

Dionne is the fictional daughter of Galen Tyrol and Sharon "Boomer" Valerii. She solely existed in the projection created and utilized by Valerii, based on plans made at a time when Valerii and Tyrol both thought they were human and were in a relationship, planning to settle down and have a child. In reality, Dionne does not physically exist, as Tyrol and Valerii's relationship broke down.

When Valerii came to The Fleet and was subsequently imprisoned in Galactica's brig, she showed Tyrol the projection of the house on Picon, and Tyrol was only truly taken in by the illusion when he saw Dionne's image. In reality, Valerii had used the projection to manipulate and gain Tyrol's trust as part of her mission to kidnap Hera Agathon.

When Tyrol was informed of Valerii's duplicity shortly after her departure, he was reduced to a state of denial and went back into the projection on his own to find out if it was true. He breaks down when he finds no trace of either Valerii or Dionne (Someone to Watch Over Me).


  • Had Dionne actually existed, she would have been Hera Agathon's biological half-sister, as both Sharon Agathon and Valerii are genetically identical, and a full Cylon.