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Zee in the separate continuity

For the canonical character from which this character is based, see: Zee.

Doctor Zee is a highly intelligent, yet old Colonial scientist whose consciousness and personality are impressed in the body of a young pre-adolescent boy. Zee comes across as slyly condescending, with a juvenile arrogance and is at odds with Commander Adama, particularly given Adama's distaste for Zee's "experiments" on people. Zee is given his own ship, Rising Star.

During a patrol in 1980 C.E., Troy and Dillon recover the Voyager spacecraft launched by NASA several Earth years prior. After Doctor Zee deciphers the golden disc on Voyager, they find the location of Earth and discover its inhabitants to be primitive and unable to repel a Cylon invasion, should one occur. During his briefing of the Quorum of Twelve, Zee advocates subjugation of the Earth's population in order to protect both the Colonial Fleet and, more importantly, the primitive humans of the Thirteenth Tribe. Zee's recommendation control and forced enhancement of Earth's society and technology are overruled by a vehemently, morally outraged Adama, who advocates peaceful contact with the country that sent the Voyager craft.

As a result of Adama's optimism about their Earth brothers, Galactica is destroyed by a nuclear attack, ultimately proving Zee's point about the Earthlings's primitive nature (Galactica 1980 1).