Emily Kowalski

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Emily Kowalski
Emily Kowalski
Kowalski during her final days.


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Introduced Faith
Death Death due to cancer (Faith)
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Siblings At least one sister, Kathy†
Children At least two daughters
Marital Status Widowed
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Portrayed by Nana Visitor
Emily Kowalski is a Cylon
Emily Kowalski is a Final Five Cylon
Emily Kowalski is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Emily Kowalski is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Emily Kowalski in the separate continuity
Emily Kowalski
Kowalski in her pre-cancer days.

Emily Kowalski is a terminal cancer patient who is being treated aboard Galactica.

She is the only survivor of her family, as her husband and children died during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. She also outlives her sister, Kathy, who died when Kowalski was twelve, and her parents.

After the First Exodus, she discovers that she has cancer that spread to her liver, thus entering its terminal stage. Unable to treat the cancer, she remains in Galactica's sickbay in order to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Roslin first meets Kowalski, but the two get off on the wrong foot after she attempts to turn off a wireless receiver broadcasting Gaius Baltar's religious dogma. However, Roslin and Kowalski bond, discussing matters of their mortality and faith.

Roslin believes to have seen her disembark onto the Fields of Elysium and reunite with her family; later she discovers Kowalski's passing after awakening from the dream (Faith).

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