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Introduced The Passage
Marital Status Unmarried
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Role Drug runner
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Portrayed by G. Patrick Currie
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Enzo in the separate continuity

Enzo was a drug supplier in the underworld of the Twelve Colonies prior to the Cylon attack. He survived the destruction of the Colonies and is one of many refugees in the Fleet.

In her past life under her real name, "Sasha," the Viper pilot known now as Louanne "Kat" Katraine shuttled drugs for Enzo.

Enzo recognizes Kat as he and other refugees are housed on Galactica in preparation for a dangerous journey through a hot, radiated star cluster. Enzo harasses Kat through that time, eventually gaining Kara Thrace's attention about Enzo and his relation to Kat.

After Thrace speaks with Enzo about his connection with Kat, Thrace confronts Kat with the pilot's past.

Kat decides to have sex with Enzo after deciding to continue guiding ships through the cluster, realizing that she's already received a dangerous dose of radiation from her last trip (The Passage).

He appears again over a year later, where he has become a member (and likely leader) of the Sons of Ares, and has a confrontation with Baltar's cult. (Deadlock)


  • Additional scenes with Enzo, which show him mourning for Kat, were cut, as Enzo was generally a character that the writers considered unsympathetic and unnecessary to see again in the episode.[1]


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