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Eric Stoltz
Eric Stoltz
Portrays: Daniel Graystone
Date of Birth: September 30, 1961
Date of Death: ,
Age: 55
Nationality: USA USA

Eric Stoltz (born September 30, 1961) is the Golden Globe-nominated American actor and director who is cast in the role of Daniel Graystone[1] for the Re-imagined Series's prequel Caprica.

Born in Whittier, California, he is a prolific actor who has acted in various genres outside of science fiction, including appearances on television series, including St. Elsewhere, Fraiser, Mad About You, Chicago Hope, Medium, and Leverage.

In film, he is best known for his roles in Mask, Pulp Fiction, Say Anything, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (his first film role).

In the science fiction genre, he starred in Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series The Triangle. He was originally cast as Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future, but the role was recast due to Stoltz's approach of being "too serious" for the role in his scenes with Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Michael J. Fox was given the role.[2]


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