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First Hybrid
First Hybrid


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The First Hybrid is the precursor to the modern Cylon Hybrids, and is the first step in their evolution from pure machines to organic beings. The Cylon Centurion Model 0005 units were convinced to abandon these experiments in exchange for aid from the Final Five in constructing fully humanoid Cylons with resurrection capabilities (No Exit).

There are references in the Cylon databases to this prototype, considered a failed experiment and unaccounted for. William Adama stumbles across the birthplace of the First Hybrid at the end of the first Cylon War. During this, he experiences mental projections of human beings being vivisected during the experiments to create the Hybrid and an arm grabbing him from a birthing tank, ending with the haunting words of the Pythian prophecy, "All this has happened before, and will happen again..."

Much later, Kendra Shaw encounters this hybrid on an older base ship crewed by Cylon Centurion Model 0005 units known as Guardians. Unlike the modern version Hybrids, this one speaks coherently in the voice of an old man. He says to her: "What am I? A man? Or am I a machine? My children believe I am their god," and demonstrates prophetic knowledge about Shaw and Kara Thrace. In particular, he warns Shaw that Thrace is the herald of the apocalypse and must not be followed by the Colonials, though jamming prevents her from relaying all of this message to Pegasus.

The Hybrid aboard his baseship (Razor).

The Hybrid declares that after his destruction his existence will "begin again in ways uncertain." Shaw detonates a nuclear device aboard the basestar, killing herself and this instance of the first Hybrid (Razor).

Although this Hybrid possesses the same metaphysical perception as its descendants, it is considerably more lucid. Later Hybrids rarely speak in coherent sentences or refer to themselves as individuals.


  • Does the First Hybrid function as the central computer of its basestar, like the modern Hybrids?
  • Does it also act as the basestar's command and control, given the absence of modern humanoid Cylons aboard?
  • When the First Hybrid says "My children believe I am a god," to whom is he referring? The old model Cylons? The organic models?
  • What does the First Hybrid mean when he says his existence will "begin again in ways uncertain"?
    • Does this statement imply that the First Hybrid is capable of downloading, or does it refer to an unending cycle, or the afterlife?
  • Is the First Hybrid one of the humans captured on the Diana?
  • Is the First Hybrid as it originally appeared, or has it physically aged? Was it created in that stage of adult maturity?
  • If the First Hybrid experiment was abandoned after others were created to control the basestars, do the Cylons only have a limited number of the later ones?

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