Gaeta's Lament

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The music sheet of the song.

Gaeta's Lament is a ballad sung by Felix Gaeta which helps him as he recovers in Galactica's sickbay from losing the leg Samuel Anders shot on the Demetrius (TRS "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?").

Alone she sleeps in the shirt of man
With my three wishes clutched in her hand
The first that she be spared the pain
That comes from a dark and laughing rain
When she finds love may it always stay true
This I beg for the second wish I made too
But wish no more
My life you can take
To have her please just one day wake
To have her please just one day wake


  • The music sheet have the lyrics "This I wish for the second wish I made too" but in the version released on the season 4 OST he sings "This I beg for the second wish I made too".
  • The song was written by Michael Angeli with music composed by his wife, Karen Angeli. Bear McCreary was responsible for the song's arrangement and for integrating the music from it throughout "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?". [1]
  • The song was sung on set by Alessandro Juliani who jokingly refers to it as "The Stump Serenade."
  • Both an instrumental version and the version with vocals are included on the Season 4 soundtrack.

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