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For other people with the same first name, see: George.
For other people with the same last name, see: Birch.
George Birch
George Birch


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Birth Name George Birch
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Callsign Catman
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Introduced Home, Part I
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Role Former CAG, battlestar Galactica
Rank Captain
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Portrayed by Ben Ayres
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Captain George "Catman"[1] Birch is a Viper pilot on the battlestar Galactica.

After the defection of Captain Lee Adama, Commander William Adama promotes him to Captain and makes him CAG in Lee's stead. Although the elder Adama values him for his dedication and loyalty, Saul Tigh believes he is too inexperienced for the position.

Birch proves Tigh's fears to be well-founded when he endangers the life of Louanne Katraine during a target exercise in an asteroid field, and fails to keep the vessel Striker from colliding with a tanker during a fueling operation (Home, Part I).

Later, his callsign appears on a pilot duty roster in the episode "Six of One" and "Someone to Watch Over Me".

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  1. Birch's call sign is not mentioned in the episode, but is included on's episode summary. It is also displayed in the credits from the UK DVD release of Season 2.
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