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The Graystone family is a family known for the works of Daniel Graystone, a technological innovator known for the holoband technology. While it is this technology that places Graystone Industries on the map, it is later the initial creation of the Cybernetic Life-Form Node 58 years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

Family Members



Before dying in a terrorist attack due to her boyfriend's religious fanaticism, Zoe Graystone creates a version of her personality into an avatar, essentially creating a self-aware digital twin of herself called Zoe-A. After her death, her grieving father uses this digital copy and a Vergis Corporation-developed meta-cognitive processor to create a robotic version of his daughter, known as Zoe-R; the first step towards the creation of the Cylons (Caprica pilot).de:Graystone fr:Graystone