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Colony Caprica
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Birth Name Hillard
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Introduced Downloaded
Death Rapture
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Role Caprica Resistance member
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Portrayed by Diego Diablo Del Mar
Hillard is a Cylon
Hillard is a Final Five Cylon
Hillard is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Hillard is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Hillard in the separate continuity

Hillard is a member of Samuel Anders' resistance group on Caprica, and a former Caprica Buccaneer.

He aids Anders in planting a bomb in a Cylon café, nine months after the Cylon attack (Downloaded).

Hillard also takes part in the harvesting mission on the algae planet as a civilian member of the marine detachment there to protect the civilian workers. When the Cylons attack, looking to enter the near-by Temple of Five, Hillard is part of the marine force that fends off the Centurion advance and is killed in the firefight (Rapture).de: Hillard