Holly Eglinton

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Holly Eglinton
Holly Eglinton
Portrays: Stripper
Date of Birth: August 19, 1975
Date of Death: ,
Age: 41
Nationality: CAN CAN

Holly Eglinton is a Canadian actress, model and dancer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is sometimes credited in movies and/or television as Holly Eglington, a common misspelling of her name. Eglinton appears in the Re-imagined Series finale, "Daybreak, Part II," playing the stripper who tries to entice William Adama into buying a lap dance on Caprica.

Eglinton has appeared in numerous Canadian film and TV productions -- often, as she does in Battlestar Galactica, portraying a stripper -- but is best known as one of the anchors for the online news series Naked News.

Although she was born in Canada, Eglinton has spent quite a few years living in New Zealand. Her exotic look stems from her multicultural mix of Canadian, Kiwi and Greek backgrounds. She is the middle of three sisters, and has one younger brother.

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