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An engraving of Zeus' statue at Olympus.

Zeus (also known as Jupiter) is the first Lord of Kobol, from whom all other Lords apparently sprung. He is father to Apollo ("33", "The Hand of God") and, quite likely, to Athena as well (The Hand of God).

When they first meet, Tom Zarek plays on Lee Adama's call-sign, Apollo, by referring to Commander Adama as "Zeus" (Bastille Day). The allusion is repeated in "The Farm", after Zarek has received word that Adama survived Sharon "Boomer" Valerii's assassination attempt.

According to the Scrolls of Pythia, Zeus warned the twelve tribes that any return to Kobol would be paid for in blood (Home, Part I).

A Number Three receives a message from Zeus through the oracle Dodona Selloi that "all the Gods weep for you". The oracle then relays a message from the Cylon God to Three regarding the fate of Hera Agathon (Exodus, Part I).

The Fleet mysteriously finds the Temple of Five, believed to be the repository of the Eye of Jupiter, which would give another waypoint to the location of Earth (The Eye of Jupiter).

Interrupting a prayer service, Gaius Baltar angrily denounces Zeus as "a serial rapist, prone to giving birth out of his own forehead" (Escape Velocity).

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