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Birth Name Kai
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Introduced The Plan
Death The Plan
Marital Status
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Role Pyramid Player, Caprica Buccaneers
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Portrayed by Luvia Petersen
Kai is a Cylon
Kai is a Final Five Cylon
Kai is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Kai is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Kai in the separate continuity

Kai was a pyramid player with the Caprica Buccaneers.

Kai was training with Samuel T. Anders in the mountains during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. She would join the Resistance but was killed about nine days after the attacks when an assault on a Cylon munitions trailer went horribly wrong. Kai and Coach attacked the trailer preparing to throw a bomb-rigged pyramid ball into the hole already caused by a blast that damaged a centaurion. She jumped on the Centaurion and was shot to death (TRS: The Plan)